Bill Payment Gateway To Africa

bill payment gateway to Africa
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our mission

Our Mission

We are focused on serving the 1 billion+ consumers to streamline online bill payments in Sub Sahara Africa with a flexible, next-gen payment gateway.



Currently, 75 % of international remittances into Sub Sahara Africa are used for some form of bill payments (electricity, tax, water, insurance, etc.). Unfortunately, they lack transparency for a multitude of reasons including fraud, improper usage, and no accountability.


There are 1 billion+ underserved consumers globally and 600 million+ consumers in countries throughout Africa that lack access to make utility payments back home or on behalf of family members.   


The inability to pay in foreign currencies has hindered consumers outside of Africa to engage in utility payments back in their home countries.   

Our Solutions

An open API gateway that connects financial institutions with utility companies globally for streamlined bill payments that unlocks a better way for consumers to pay their bills.

Bill Pay Gateway

Provides a gateway for African's abroad to pay utility bills [Water, Electricity, Taxes, Insurance, Cable TV. Etc.] for family back home

White-Label Bill Pay Gateway Solution

Provides our strategic corporate partners with a white-label API to provide their customers with their own branded bill pay gateway.

Why Now?

why now why now
  • Mobile wallet accounts are out stripping numbers of bank accounts (GSMA 2020)
  • Influx of low-end Android base smartphones
  • Legacy technology means a lack of suitable remittance & payment methods
  • Seamless integration with utility companies that takes the hard work out of  the payment process by cutting out the manual work
  • Demand from underserved consumers to access mobile wallet payments that can be used on e-commerce sites globally 
  • B2B looking for a payment gateway solution to passport throughout the Sub-Saharan African countries.




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